Foozie is one of the UK’s most exciting ‘foodie and boozie’ content creators and PR machines. Alongside our forward thinking and hyper-local editorial, we work with local and international brands to host quirky events and experiences that generate mountains of unique content opportunities and unparalleled PR hits. We curate, produce, edit and publish this content via our own channels and distribute it to targeted publishers to generate tons of national and international coverage online, in print and even on TV.

Midweek Mac Campaign, Urban Standard
“There was a real sense that they [Foozie] understood and genuinely cared about our brand. The final concept was a great success and has quickly become an important element of who we are and what we offer our customer base. The Mac n Cheese night has now been rolled out across all four of our sites with great success” – Dom, Director @ Urban Standard

Some of the brands we have worked with…



The Retro Crips Buffet with Golden Wonder  

Featuring over 40 types of crisps that were available in the 80’s and 90’s, the retro crisps buffet saw over 600 people travel from all over the UK to eat unlimited crisps and crisp sandwiches for 2 hours.

Our mission was to create a nostalgic experience with a viral reach that put Golden Wonder products at the forefront of the coverage. Within 48 hours the campaign had generated millions of video views and thousands of engagements. 


The Tiny Cookery Schoo – Feature on The One Show

Using the tiny cooking stoves made famous on social media, Foozie brought tiny cooking to the masses with the world’s first Tiny Cookery School.

The mission was to create a viral campaign that put Foozie in front of millions. We knew the tiny cooking concept was ‘hot right now’ so decided to take it offline and let people experience it first hand. After an initial press launch, we produced lots of promotional content, including a professional video which we distributed to national and international publishers.

The video and website hits continue to rise and Foozie is generating lots of new business enquiries and hundreds of new email subscribers.